• VINTAGE VELVET Luxury Candle - Manifest Destiny



A Vaudevillian Act in 5 Senses

Scent Blueprint: COGNAC * AMBER

12 OZ. Custom Soy Blend. Burns 80 Hours.

Each candle and scent inspires a story, the teaser of which can be found on the dust cover of the candle, the entire story can be found on our virtual storybook. These highly unique candles make incomparable gifts, to oneself or another - they are collectible modern relics.

Claire picked up her cognac and took a long, meditative sip of its heat. The refracted light from the crystal glass projected a constellation of liquid stars onto her face as she slowly recognized the scent of another woman’s perfume.

Read the STORY for TABLOID in our Virtual Storybook.

Richly Scented with Following Notes: Amber, Oak, Floral.

Primary Note: Amber

Product Reference: VV-04

  • $50.00