Ancient Inca - Scented Candle - Ritual Smoke


Ritual Smoke

Scent Blueprint: Palo Santo + Copal 

7.5 oz Custom Soy Blend Candle - Hand Poured - Burns 40 Hours

Inspired by Ancient Inca rituals and mythology, this signature combination of scents forms the strong aromatic elements of the heavens and earth. This smoky scent smells authentic and is as if it wafted from the mountains, bringing with it a sense of serene presence and mystery.  

Richly Scented with the Following Notes: Smokey, Woody, Resin

Primary Note: Woody

This soy blend candle with a cotton wick is made poured into a black glass votive with a golden image on the front. The candle is then housed in a black box and a vibrant label indicating its scent blueprint. 

This votive and box are a beautiful statement anywhere in the home or office and making striking gifts. 


Product Reference: LU-IN-02




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