Taking inspiration from her environment, Meike Kopp, founder/designer of the scent brands: INTOXICANTS + LUX AETERNA + MANIFEST DESTINY lives and works in an antique trolley power station in Los Angeles: the Huron SubStation, a launchpad of all things creative.

She began creating luxe candles, not to sell, but to be able to offer a profound thank you gift to the directors, actors, and photographers that shoot in her building.

"As my sense of smell had guided many profound moments in my life, I decided initially on candles. I wanted to create a 3-dimensional scent blueprint, by conjuring a forgotten life, tell that story and have that story define the scent. This creative endeavor allowed me to take scent to another level: add base notes, counter melodies, a full composition, if you will."

Los Angeles being the land of stories, whether conjured or true, added to my inspiration. Indeed, one of our candles is inspired by the mystery and intrigue of LA Noir: TABLOID. A neo noir image of an alluring woman with a gun. The scent emanating from the candle is inspired by the talcum based Max Factor compacts of the post war era, alongside Narcissus, Russian Leather and yes, the metallic scent of a gun.


More About Meike:

Meike Kopp, born under the sign of Aquarius in West Germany, is the third daughter of an organic chemist and his wife, who happened to be the proud daughter of the mayor of a German hamlet. The family migrated to Long Island when Kopp was a baby.

Her independent spirit encouraged by her family lead her on one wonderful adventure after another, which began when she ran away from home at age 13. Never to return, Kopp lived in New York City, Paris, Berlin and Los Angeles and worked as a rap music video producer, model, production designer, executive producer of an independent feature, and even as a phone psychic.

After a harrowing stint at a Fortune 500 company, Kopp vowed to never work for a large corporation again and purchased The Huron SubStation in 2005, a historic trolley substation in the outback of Cypress Park in Los Angeles. Built in 1906, the substation had been designed to house equipment to convert high-voltage electricity to the L.A. Railway’s Yellow Cars. She has since rented the substation out to the likes of Mercedes, Starbucks, Microsoft, German Vogue, GQ, Hurley, Puma, and feature film and television productions, such as, “Wine Country”, a comedy starring and directed by Amy Poehler, and “The Kids Are Alright” starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Kopp has also hosted numerous events there such as "Oktoberfest at the Station – A Polka Dot Centennial" and "Art at the Station – Heavy Metal Unplugged".  In mid 2019, she will begin hosting a series of intimate events entitled "The Hunger": Literary and Comedic Pairings with Food. In addition to her life at the substation, Kopp learned how to weld with a coven of women in the New Mexican desert and unexpectedly gave birth to her son alone in a bathroom with only a dog by her side. Naturally, she was compelled to chronicle stories, both personal, and otherwise, through the written word.

Kopp came up with the idea of making luxury candles appealing to both feminine and masculine sensibilities, after realizing that not only was she overflowing with words and stories, but also that her sense of smell had guided many of her journeys through life. So strong was this sense that when she was young, she would follow her mother in the store via the scent of her German perfume. One day, another woman crossed their path, wearing the same German scent, inadvertently luring Kopp into following the stranger, only to become terribly lost.

Kopp lives at the Huron Substation with her son Anton Baptiste and an entourage of animals. She is currently writing her memoir: "Silence, A Scent Memoir" (to be released with an eau de parfum of the same name). Stay Tuned.