Manifest Destiny® provokes both the masculine and feminine sensibilities creating niche, androgynous scents for a discerning market. 

While the company's name, Manifest Destiny, can be seen in a more apparent way of manifesting one’s destiny, at the root of Manifest Destiny is flipping the concept of Manifest Destiny and turning it into a positive, prolific immigrant viewpoint of the American Dream, referring to expansion into unknown territories, conjuring up visions of a new kind of pioneer, whose explorations benefit all involved. 

Housed in an antique trolley power station (the Huron Substation) in Los Angeles, MANIFEST DESTINY takes inspiration from its locale, infusing the collections with curated vintage photographs alongside a cast of conjured characters (femme fatale, muse, hunter, lost pilot, etc.).


Truly a portal into another world, a provocative, precious and supernatural world, MANIFEST DESTINY is a solid concept, where imagery and fragrance is, not only hauntingly beautiful, but has meaning and sentiment beyond a simple scent description, with tales being played out in fragrant wax as well as virtually via our STORYBOOK.


Explore the unique world of MANIFEST DESTINY, a luxury scent company that marries intriguing imagery with intuitive scent design and modern fairy tales.



Wanting to create artifacts that would evoke memories, both personal and collective, Meike Kopp, creator of the line, pioneered a new kind of candle that was no longer just a feminine bath time accoutrement – but a multifaceted human experience, a hologram for the senses, if you will. She gathered vintage photographs that provided her with a Rorschach of imagery with which to fantasize a life and a history, thus creating the modern fairy tales that have become a part of the Manifest Destiny line. Each candle not only has a life via its compelling fragrance and significant burn time, but the story lines of each candle intersect with that of another candle, creating a web of mythic intrigue.