Of Vice & Men

(this fable intersects with all of LUX AETERNA)



Desdemona flexed her forearm, raised her golden bow, and released an arrow straight up to the heavens. Slowly, she turned towards the purr of the camera, dressed in nothing more than a crimson smirk…

The camera pulled back on its track revealing a high contrast study of raven black hair and talcum colored skin. A large pair of arched wings hovered above her shoulders, glistening with white sequins, the sequins flashing in the projected light. Her lips, bowed and crimson, looked like that of a petulant child.

“CUT!” yelled the director.

Naked and clipped of flight, Desdemona removed the straps that held her wings in place while walking away from the clutter of lights throwing the straps to the floor.

She needn’t have removed her halo, because she didn’t have one…

Having played the bad girl, the evil debutante, and the mobster’s moll at RKO Pictures, Desdemona had become a minor star in that major Constellation, that is Hollywood…but had little staying power… and an even smaller paycheck. Popularity and fame seemed to arrive for the golden girl, the goody two shoes, the girl who got the man: leaving Desdemona stranded on a dead-end road, her moral compass spinning like a magnet over the Bermuda Triangle.



Ran the headline of this week’s tabloid


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