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TABLOID - Of Vice & Men



Of Vice & Men


8 oz. Custom Soy Blend. Burns 60 Hours.

From our LUX AETERNA collection, (translated from Latin, means “eternal light”), a fitting name for a candle whose stunning votive begs keeping well beyond its 60-hour burn time. Housed in a glass sphere, this collection was inspired by the beauty of a hologram. Packaged in a black circular box with a peek a boo window, LUX AETERNA delivers incandescent scents within a retro futuristic realm, creating an ambiance like no other. Each candle and scent inspires a story, the teaser of which is on the dust cover of the candle, the entire story can be found on our virtual storybook.

Powdered, perfumed, and adorned in silk, our protagonist pulls on a pair of leather gloves over her lacquered fingers and starts up the engine to her two-toned Buick, its back tires spitting parched gravel behind her. As she adjusts her lipstick in the rear view mirror, she simultaneously reaches into her glove compartment and grabs a gun. This scent is stylistically retro.

Read the STORY for TABLOID in our Virtual Storybook.

Richly Scented with Following Notes: Floral, Leathery, Mineral.

Primary Note: Floral

Product Info: TA-11


These highly unique candles make incomparable gifts, to oneself or another - they are collectible modern relics.

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