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Native American - Eau de Parfum 50 mL - Ritual Smoke



Scent Blueprint: White Sage * Cedar * Copal * Hint of Tobacco

50 mL

Part of our Ritual Smoke series this scent is inspired by the rituals and mythology of Native Americans, this full bodied scent, pairs earthy with ethereal and feminine with masculine. The slightly smokey background gives it a strong base on which to stand and a unexpected veil of the charmed.  

The perfume is housed in a high quality glass atomizer with black cap and packaged in a black circular box, both atomizer and box have beautifully printed, vibrant labels. In keeping with our literary leanings, our unisex eau de parfum is protected in its box with the shredded New York Times.  A commitment to paying for quality writing and news. Once read, we shred. 

Richly Scented with the Following Notes: Woody, Tobacco, Smoky

Primary Note: Woody

Product Reference: PE-NA-50

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