Hunter's Reign - Eau de Parfum 100 mL - Bourbon Leather Pouch Tobacco

HUNTER'S REIGN Unisex Eau De Parfum


1OO mL 

The hunter charges through the foggy forest. As he chases the buck, oak branches, moss, boulders and the occasional mushroom are tossed underfoot. His leather jacket is wet with rain and sweat. Eventually, he retreats to a cabin hidden in the trees. There he reaches for the subsequent warmth of a found bottle of bourbon and fumbles for his pouch tobacco, creating a sensual and visceral scent.

The perfume is housed in a high quality glass atomizer with black cap and packaged in a black circular box, both atomizer and box have beautifully printed, vibrant labels. In keeping with our literary leanings, our unisex eau de parfum is protected in its box with the shredded New York Times.  A commitment to paying for quality writing and news. Once read, we shred. 

Read the STORY for HUNTER'S REIGN in our Virtual Storybook.

Richly Scented with Following Notes: Pouch Tobacco, Vintage Leather, Oak Moss, Bourbon, Wood, and Earth.

Primary Note: Bourbon


Product Reference: PE-HR-100




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