SERIES I & II - Unique Scented Candles


Explore the Unique World of our Series I & II Characters:
From Birdie the oracle in civil war era New Orleans, to Violet, an innocent child of adventure, to Delphine 1920's New York femme fatale and lastly, Edmund the World War I pilot who lands on an unusual northern island.

Each candle has a signature scent inspired by a moment in our character's story, bringing both dimension and a magical sense of wonder to the experience. Whether it be two children lost in amongst the sequoia trees in a forest, discovering the ghost of a native american under the water, or the scent of helium from the floating star Polaris, voyeuristically watching time pass and history march on, on that beautiful planet called earth below. These candles aim to transport you to another place.

Explore our Storied Scents which Provoke Unknown Memories and Transcend Time

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