Big Changes A Coming

Scent is indeed my compass and my intuition. 

Designing scent and the visuals that accompany them has been a great source of creativity and self expression. It is now that I realize that this has come at a bit of a cost, spreading myself thin on all the complex energies it requires.

I have never been a sales person and I find selling something so personal, awkward and sort of stressful. I have put all my energy into designing, printing, manufacturing and rarely place my energy into selling my wares. The time and space it requires has begun to feel like a compromise. I don't believe in compromises, at least not creative ones. 

My primary business is also a great source of creativity and self expression (the historic trolley power station, the Huron SubStation in LA). I place my design and personality into much of this space. I also do the repairs, maintenance and oversee its use for film locations, photo rental and some events. I have begun to explore the possibility of transitioning this magical space into a boutique hotel and restaurant (and don't you know we will have our own signature scent called 1906 as room spray and hand soap, etc.) 

Therefore, with a heavy heart, I am going to begin selling my inventory of my original candles (Series I and II) until they are gone and will just be a scent memory. I will slowly dismantle this company (and site) and transition perfume making and some scent projects into the Huron SubStation site (heh, we recently did a scent and wine tasting at the HuronSubStation which was a real hit). 

So kids, the sales are about to happen and these special products will sell out so get them while you can. 

Much love and thanks to all those who have had such support and belief in my scent explorations.