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We have taken the plunge into a full on and exciting fragrance line named: INTOXICANTS. Our goal is to offer scent that is not only intoxicating, but is geared towards the niche fragrance community of scent lovers. Our new line is devoted to unisex fragrance and includes such scented products as: Eau De Parfum, Diffusers, and Room Spray.


Have you ever relished the scent of a lovers neck or hair? Have you ever felt a bolt of excitement over the metallic scent in the air just before a rainstorm? Humans are forever taking in information via scent. Being that we are animals, Scent Dating is an opportunity to counter balance the online dating experience with a tangible and visceral approach to pairing humans. Get ready for SCENT DATING at the HURON SUBSTATION


YOU ASKED FOR IT! Our most beloved and popular scented candle is now a unisex eau de parfum. HUNTER"S REIGN is a scent with a back story, that of a hunter lost in the woods (you can read the story in our virtual story book). The scent blueprint is: Bourbon, Pouch Tobacco, Leather, and Moss.

Introducing Our All NEW LINE: INTOXICANTS (featuring eau de parfum, scented air, and diffusers)

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